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Requests for Access

Report Repository Access

Requests for access to MyReports and the data warehouse are handled through the First Step Single Sign Administration tool: FAST. We automatically provision access to MyReports for the following areas: FAB, Telecom, Data Custodian & Information Coordinator, OIRA, ECM Card Access, PeopleSoft KSC, Payroll, and Student Records On-Line Grading. To gain access to any of these areas, you must submit the proper FAST Connection request.
Shown below are the FAST Connections auto-provisioned to MyReports:

  • Data Custodian/Information Coordinator - Prod FAST
  • ECM Card Access - Prod Building Online Security System
  • FAB - Prod PS8.8 FAB - Campus USE
  • FAB Budget - Prod PS8.8 FAB - BudgetWorksheet
  • OIRA - Prod OIRA Reporting
  • Payroll - Prod PS9.0 HR/Payroll and the corresponding Payroll roles in PeopleSoft
  • PeopleSoft Key Security Contact - Any Prod PS8.0 HRSA connection and the security roles in PeopleSoft
  • Student Records - Prod PS9.0 Student Records and the corresponding SR roles in PeopleSoft
  • Telecom - Prod Telecom Billing Reports

Additionally, your department's Information Coordinator can use FAST to request a Prod MyReports connection for the areas that are not automatically provisioned. When a Prod MyReports connection is requested, the Information Coordinator will need to fill in the template describing the type(s) of access required. Listed below are all of the Repositories not automatically provisioned:

  • Athletics
  • Bursar
  • Campus Community
  • Distributed Support Staff
  • ESF - SUNY
  • Financial Aid
  • GEMC
  • Human Resources
  • Judicial Affairs
  • News - Publications
  • OIS
  • RCM
  • Security
  • Service Desk
  • Placement Exams

The FAST Template for Prod MyReports has a list of the Repository Folders that can be requested.

Data Access

If you are a query writer currently using the data warehouse and need additional access, your Information Coordinator can use the FAST connection Prod MyReports to request additional data warehouse views or subject areas. ALL requests for access to the data warehouse, new or additional, require the approval of the Data Custodian responsible for the subject area.

If you are a query writer and you need Production data to create your reports, your Information Coordinator can use the FAST connection for Prod RESTRICTED access to request additional access.

Register for Training

It is highly recommended that a person attend the Hyperion / MyReports Overview training session for MyReports.

Click here to see the training schedule

If you are a FAB user you are required to attend FAB training that is administered by the FAB Team. You may find more information on the FAB web site. In addition the data custodians for each functional area may also require additional training. Please review the training page before requesting access to the warehouse.

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