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Information Systems Data Warehouse Group

The data warehouse group in the Enterprise Technology Group division is committed to meet the reporting needs of Syracuse University. To improve service to our clients, we have implemented a procedure for reporting problems or requesting information about the warehouse.

Reporting a problem can be done by contacting the Information Center to report problems with MyReports Hyperion or the data warehouse. These requests are logged into the SERVICE DESK system. Problems may also be directed in an email to the Data Warehouse Group at:

We are using Service Desk to monitor and record all service activity related to MyReports, Hyperion, or the data warehouse. Some of you may have experienced the situation where you needed an answer about the warehouse and you were unable to reach one of the members of the warehouse group. A member of the data warehouse group is assigned to monitor our Service Desk incidents, This coverage will provide a timely solution for warehouse problems.

For any questions related to MyReports, Hyperion, or the data warehouse, an email can be sent to:

Hyperion Resources

Everyone who has access to MyReports has access to the following resources:

  • Hyperion Help Document: All Training materials are stored in the Training folder of MyReports.
  • Training Repository: All MyReports users can access the Training repository folder. The folder contains many useful Hyperion related training documents as well as an assorted number of sample Training queries.
Tips and Techniques

Most can master the basics of Hyperion with just a few training sessions. However, Hyperion offers layers of complexity to challenge even the most experienced users. We have started to compile a list of "tips and techniques" for advanced Hyperion users that you may find helpful: go to tips and techniques

If you have a tip you would like to see added to the list, please submit to:

Additional Resources

Other links you may find useful.

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