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Training Opportunities  

Our use of the MyReports Repository from the MySlice Portal allows clients to quickly, with minimal training, begin using the queries and reports available across subject areas in the warehouse.  Some clients may need to learn more about writing Hyperion queries and reports, and some may want to learn more in-depth about the Hyperion toolset.   We believe that this training will service our clients needs and will allow ITS to provide the right training at the right time.

  1. Hyperion / MyReports Overview.

    Course Description: This is an introductory class for using Syracuse University's MyReports - the web-based Report Repository built in Hyperion Interactive Reporting. This class includes how to request access to repositories, how and where to get help, navigating the Hyperion Workspace, navigating the Hyperion HTML Client and Hyperion Interactive Reporting plug-in.

    Audience: This course is highly recommended for anyone requiring access to run any of the various repository queries or other queries written for you by other query writers in your department.

    Required Prerequisites: none

  2. Hyperion / MyReports Basic Query Writing.

    Course Description: This class will include how to obtain access specific to query writing, navigation in relation to query writing, where to get the query template, how to save and publish your queries, and how and where to get help. This does not include any training related to data in the data warehouse or any productional system.

    Audience: This course is recommended for anyone requiring direct access to data that also need to write their own queries.

    Required Prerequisites: You should have already taken the Hyperion / MyReports Overview training class. You should have experience using queries in the repository, and familiarity with the data for which you need to write queries.

  3. Advanced Query Techniques.

    Course Description: This class will be scheduled as-needed. A training consultant is brought in to teach this class, which generally lasts 5 days. It includes advanced query writing techniques and basic dashboard building. There is a fee associated with this class and it is shared among all participants.

    Audience: This course is recommended for query writers and data analysts needing to extend their understanding of the Hyperion Interactive Reporting tool.

    Required Prerequisites: You should have at least 1 year experience writing queries with Hyperion, have a basic understanding of database and querying concepts, and a basic understanding of javascript.

Training Request

If you have interest in any of these training opportunities you may send an email to:

Include your Contact Information, Department, and which of the three training options you are interested in.
(overview, basic query writing, or advanced techniques)

Data Training Component

ITS is equipped to handle Hyperion tool training only.  We will be working with the data custodial areas to teach clients about the data in the data warehouse or productional systems in the future. More information will be published as it becomes available.

Training Documents

There are a number of training documents published in the Training folder of MyReports. These are all granted to Public and can be viewed at any time by anyone that has access to MyReports.

Additional Training

Click here for Oracle University Training.You will need to work thru their menu selection as their site changes as classes are added and dropped. Under the "Category" choose Hyperion : Reporting, then look for classes for Hyperion Interactive Reporting.


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