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About MyReports

MyReports is the University provided web environment for retrieving data from the data warehouse and some production systems. The link to MyReports is located in the MySlice web portal. You must have the appropriate permissions to view and use MyReports. Your Information Coordinator is the resource who can assist you in gaining the appropriate permissions to use MyReports. MyReports is only supported using Internet Explorer (IE11 with 100% zoom set) browser.

see also: Data Warehouse Access and Training

Hyperion Interactive Reporting and the Hyperion Workspace are the software tools used to create the MyReports environment. It is supported by the ITS Enterprise Technologies' data warehouse group and is provided to University staff at no charge. It provides easy and centralized access to information for the entire University. It is comprised of these components:

  • Hyperion Workspace: The first time you sign into MyReports, you land on a page called "Welcome to MyReports". Until you change your preferences, you will land on this page each time you sign into MyReports. Instructions are provided on the default landing page to update your preferences. Embedded into the Workspace is the Interactive Reporting HTML Client (also called a zero footprint client). This component allows you to run dashboards or queries and generate the reports. It is available to all clients (PC, Macintosh, and Linux/Unix). It has similar (but limited) functionality to the Hyperion Interactive Reporting Web Client and does not require a local install of software.
  • Hyperion Interactive Reporting Web Client: This software component is an Active-X Plugin available for the PC User for Internet Explorer. It is installed locally on your PC. In the SU computing environment, it is installed on your computer by your Computer Support (DSP) personnel via the Active Directory system. The web client is not available for Macintosh or Linux/Unix computers. This software runs the dashboards or queries and generates the reports for you to view and/or print.
  • Report Repository: The Report Repository (called Explore in the workspace) is the most heavily used component. This is where queries and reports are created by each functional area and published by the data warehouse group for campus wide use. For further information see report repository.
  • Department Folder: A Department Folder is a folder in the Report Repository that is maintained by individual departments and are for the exclusive use of individuals within that department.
  • Personal Folder: The Personal folder is a folder in the Report Repository that is automatically created for each user of MyReports. Query Writers save and publish their personal queries to this folder. For FAB Users, reports such as the Financials Monthly reports (also called the burst reports) are published directly to this personal folder. The folder name is your netid.
  • Hyperion Job Scheduler: Advanced query writers can make use of the Hyperion job scheduler to automatically generate and deliver their own reports using a variety of options. This is most often done in conjunction with a department folder. See this document which describes common issues encountered and suggested best practices for using the Hyperion Job Scheduler: job scheduler notes

Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio (non-web)

Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio (also referred to as the desktop version) can be made available for limited distribution when there is a specific need not met by the the standard web based version. Access to Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio is granted on a case by case basis only as it is licensed independently. It is considered a developer's tool and comes with the following software components: Hyperion Optimize Utility, Dashboard Studio, Dashboard Architect, SQR Production Studio, and Financial Reporting Studio.

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